The Buck Bomb Buc Rut, 4oz

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  • Buck Bomb BucRut contains pure, fresh urine collected from bucks that are at least 3. 5 years old.
  • BucRut will boost the drawing power of your mock scrapes, particularly during the pre-rut and peak rut period when bucks are most aggressive and territorial.
  • BucRut urine is the most efficient and effective way to trigger dominant behavior in mature bucks from the pre-rut through the peak of the breeding period.
  • The easy-to-use dropper bottle contains premium mature buck urine that is perfect for use with the Buck Bomb Detonator retractable scent wick (sold separately) or with the included spike wicks.
  • Whitetail natural urine scents also available in Doe 'N Estrus, Doe "P", Scrape Generator, 180 Day Estrus and 2 Hot Does.