Bohning Crest-Lac Cresting Paint

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Bohning knows best! You can count on them to make the highest quality cresting paints! Crest-Lac cresting paint is no exception.

This clear acrylic waterborne paint dries to a glossy, hard, and thin layer, which protects your cresting to prevent smudging and smearing when shooting. Crest-Lac also improves adhesion of feathers to your shaft. Bohning has specially created Crest-Lac for arrow builders to dip or brush onto any type of shaft.

Crest-Lac is nonflammable and non-hazardous, with a very faint odor. Tools and brushes can be cleaned with soapy water. Can be applied over multiple finishes. Crest-Lac works best applied over Whispering Winds, True North, and Bohning Cresting Paints.

Apply the Clear over the colors to protect your shaft and prevent smudging and smearing.

Sold in 1 ounce bottles.