Bill Lewis MR-12 Crankbait 12ft Diver 3/4 oz Lure

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An exciting expansion to the MR Crankbait series, the Bill Lewis MR-12 Crankbaits were developed by MDJ to trigger bass holding in the deeper mid-ranges. Designed to plunge to 12-feet and beyond with lighter fluorocarbon lines, the MR-12 is a smart solution to the challenge of targeting bass holding on deeper brush, boulders, and other cover. Featuring the same body profile as the MR-6, the MR-12 Crankbait also features the same casting abilities, extreme vibration, and tight wiggling action that is further made irresistible with their perfect level of buoyancy that slowly rises on the pause. You can expect the same low pitch knock as the MR-6 as well.

Weight: 3/4 oz.
Length: 2.5”
Depth: Dives 12′