Lucky Craft S.K.T. DR 7/16 oz Lure

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The Lucky Craft "Skeet Reese" SKT DR retains the best features of the original SKT Mini DR and adds a few of its own. Bigger and faster than the original SKT Mini versions, the SKT DR can cover a lot more water and is great for fishing conditions different than the SKT Mini. Its larger profile makes it a great option for targeting those fish in cold or muddy water. Like the original Mini versions, the SKT DR gets to its dive depth quickly, so it stays in the strike zone longer. It also generates the same characteristic tight wobble and hypnotizing vibration of the originals with its flat-sided body shape. An internal weighting system provides great balance and helps the bait cast farther. Reliable, consistent and durable, the Lucky Craft "Skeet Reese" SKT DR is a versatile deep diving crankbait and a solid addition to any angler's tackle box.

Length: 2 1/2 in

Weight: 7/16 oz

Depth: 5-6 ft